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Trouble Shooting Tips for ProEdge Heat Transfer Foils


Fringe, or feathered edges, is the loose foil left on the edges of the part after transfer. Minor fringe can be removed by brushing or vacuuming the part in line. If fringing of the foil is excessive, we recommend extending the point where the polyester carrier is stripped away from the edge. This has the effect of allowing the material to cool prior to stripping, and generally results in a cleaner edge. 

Another method of cooling prior to stripping is to mount a blow dryer, set on cool, directed at the foil prior to stripping. 

Fringe can also be reduced by trimming excess rubber from the foiling head. This has the effect of allowing heat to be applied to the foil only in the area of direct contact with the edge. Our KP3 series product is formulated to greatly reduce fringe.


Rough edges

Rough edges or loss of adhesion call for a check on sanding efficiency. In general, a smoother surface will improve foil adhesion and final surface quality.

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